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Appendix 1

This appendix provides the descriptions of display data for each lizard genus, compiled from a search of the primary scientific literature. Motion displays components are categorized as types of body enlargement displays, limb movements, head movements, mouth displays, tail movements, and gular displays. An “x” in a cell indicates that at least one species in that genus has been reported to use a given motion in its display. Color displays were categorized by the body location of the color involved in display, with each color reported to be involved in at least one species in that genus listed. Next, we indicate (with an “x”) if any species in a genus was reported to use vocalization displays. References include all sources consulted for these display descriptions (EOL indicates Encyclopedia of Life,, and ADW indicates Animal Diversity Web,, both accessed in February 2017). If we found no information on visual or vocal displays in a genus, the cells associated with that genus were left blank.


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