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The Wealth Effects of Quantitative Easing
John H. Huston and Roger W. Spencer


Noninvasive Imaging Technologies in Primates
William D. Hopkins and Kimberley A. Phillips


Does the Proportion of Same-Day and 24-Hour Appointments Impact Patient Satisfaction?
Jason P. Richter, Lynn Downs, Brad Beauvais, Peter V. Huynh, Jessica E. Hamilton, Forest Kim, and Fred Weigel


Temperature of the Plasmasphere from Van Allen Probes HOPE
Kevin J. Genestreti, Jerry Goldstein, Grace D. Corley, William Farner, Lynn M. Kistler, Brian A. Larsen, Christopher G. Mouikis, Chae Ramnarace, Ruth M. Skoug, and Niescja E. Turner


Estrogen-Dependent Expression and Subcellular Localization of the Tight Junction Protein Claudin-4 in HEC-1A Endometrial Cancer Cells
Maria E. Cuevas, Jenna M. Gaska, Andrea C. Gist, Jonathan M. King, Rebecca A. Sheller, and Maria C. Todd


Social Explorer
Michael Hughes


Preventing eating disorders in adolescents
M Plasencia, S A. Wilfred, and Carolyn Becker


Quality of condensate from air-handling units
Diana D. Glawe, Marilyn Wooten, and B Lye


Cucurbit[7]uril-Tetramethylrhodamine Conjugate for Direct Sensing and Cellular Imaging
Andrew T. Bockus, Lauren C. Smith, Amy G. Grice, Omar A. Ali, Carolyn C. Young, William Mobley, Ashley Leek, James Lewis Roberts, Brittany Vinciguerra, Lyle D. Isaacs, and Adam R. Urbach

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