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El Gallo y La Veleta: Ensayos Últimos
Carlos X. Ardavín Trabanco


Phylogeny and ontogeny of lizard display behavior
Michele A. Johnson, E G. Cook, and B K. Kircher


Difference Equations, Discrete Dynamical Systems and Applications: ICDEA, Barcelona, Spain, July 2012
Lluís Alsedà i Soler, Jim M. Cushing, Saber Elaydi, and Alberto A. Pinto


Reactive Sites and Course of Reduction in the Rieske Protein
Si Ying Li, Paul H. Oyala, R David Britt, Susan T. Weintraub, and Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang


Religious History Objects in Museums
Lauren Frances Turek


On the Number of Factorizations of an Element in an Atomic Monoid
Scott T. Chapman, Juan Ignacio García-García, Pedro A. García Sánchez, and José Carlos Rosales


Characterization of γ-Butyrolactone Autoregulatory Signaling Gene Homologs in the Angucyclinone Polyketide WS5995B Producer Streptomyces acidiscabies
Frank G. Healy, Kevin P. Eaton, Prajit Limsirichai, Joel F. Aldrich, Alaina K. Plowman, and Russell R. King


The Wealth Effects of Quantitative Easing
John H. Huston and Roger W. Spencer

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