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Evidence of a Conserved Molecular Response to Selection for Increased Brain Size in Primates
Amy M. Boddy, Peter W. Harrison, Stephen H. Montgomery, Jason A. Caravas, Mary Ann Raghanti, Kimberley A. Phillips, Nicholas I. Mundy, and Derek E. Wildman


Nanocomposite Catalysts: Dendrimer Encapsulated Nanoparticles Immobilized in Sol–Gel Silica
Lindsey W. Beakley, Sarah E. Yost, Raymond Cheng, and Bert D. Chandler


Dendrimer Templates for Supported Au Catalysts
Rachel J. Korkosz, John D. Gilbertson, Kristin S. Prasifka, and Bert D. Chandler


Application of the Temkin Model to the Adsorption of CO on Gold
Christopher J. Pursell, Heather Hartshorn, Timothy Ward, Bert D. Chandler, and Flora Boccuzzi


Water-Assisted Oxygen Activation During Selective Oxidation Reactions
Hung-Vu Tran, Hieu A. Doan, Bert D. Chandler, and Lars C. Grabow


Using Thiol Adsorption on Supported Au Nanoparticle Catalysts to Evaluate Au Dispersion and the Number of Active Sites for Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation
Basu Panthi, Ahana Mukhopadhyay, Luke Tibbitts, Johnny Saavedra, Christopher J. Pursell, Robert M. Rioux, and Bert D. Chandler


Spatial Structure of the Mormon Cricket Gut Microbiome and Its Predicted Contribution to Nutrition and Immune Function
Chad C. Smith, Robert Srygley, Frank G. Healy, Karthikeyan Swaminath, and Ulrich G. Mueller

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