This essay celebrates Shelton Davis’ rich and diverse career as an advocate of indigenous peoples’ rights and a major critic of mainline development models being implemented in the Third World. As an applied anthropologist, Davis rejected any division between knowledge and action in relation to indigenous and other populations directly affected by large-scale development. Through his writing and actions, he showed it was possible to maintain both objectivity and advocacy in dramatic situations such as those of the Guatemalan Mayan peoples. His contributions to community service, in founding at least two international NGOs, and his work at the World Bank, where he showed brilliant creativity, marked his unique, pioneering work and lasting contributions.

Este ensaio destaca a carreira rica e diversa do Shelton Davis enquanto aliado dos povos indígenas nas suas lutas por seus direitos. Davis demostrou, através de suas escritas e ativismo, que era perfeitamente possível manter tanto a objetividade quanto o ativismo politico. As suas contribuições em termos de serviços comunitários, criando pelo menos duas organizações não-governamentais, e seu trabalho com o Banco Mundial, marcaram a sua carreira pioneira e única.

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