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“2017 is going to be an exciting year for your company, Daniel! I just received the requested information from that company that you are interested in buying. I’ll forward the information to you by email attachment, and I will get started on the analysis.” Penny knew that her boss, Daniel, would be anxious to review and discuss the new information on a potential acquisition, so she cleared her desk off to focus on the analysis.

Daniel Gustafson started his company, QRT Ambulance Services, Inc. in 2010. He wanted to quickly expand operations, so his business strategy was to buy existing companies in locations he wished to operate. To facilitate this process, Daniel hired Kim Wilson, a business broker. Kim was responsible for identifying and soliciting interested companies to evaluate preliminary financial information. She would then send the most promising companies to Daniel for further consideration. Mantras Ambulance Services, Inc. had been identified as a company that would meet the objectives that Daniel had previously identified to Kim.

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