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“Guess what mom, I’m pregnant!” Marie Wade’s youngest daughter, Kelley, shared the good news that her mom was going to be a grandmother for the second time! Marie was very happy for her daughter, but at the same time, she felt a pang of guilt and reflected on her inability to spend more time with her children and grandchildren. As her business had grown over the years, she found it required more and more of her time on a daily basis.

Marie thought to herself that it was 2017, where had all the time gone. All her children were grown, and she had a lot of grandchildren, with more on the way! This was where she wanted to spend her time. Thus, she thought to herself that she would love to retire, have more time for family, and pursue other interests, but she had not established a succession plan for the business. Neither Kelley, nor her brother and sisters had any interest in operating the company. Marie realized it was time to get serious about planning for the future of the business and her retirement from the daily operations of Mantras. “It’s time for a change” she thought as she turned to her computer to check her email that day. By a strange twist of fate, the first line of one of her emails was “Would you be interested in selling your business?” She was intrigued and decided to open the email and begin to consider the possibility of selling her business.

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