Using Pinterest to Stimulate Student Engagement, Interest, and Learning in Managerial Accounting Courses

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Managerial accounting is a course that typically suffers from a lack of student engagement. This paper presents a social media-based assignment that can increase student interest in and understanding of managerial accounting, particularly for English as a second language (ESL) students. For the assignment, students used Pinterest to share Internet-based resources with their class. The students were also required to comment on Pinterest “pins” created by their classmates. The assignment encouraged students to be engaged and active learners in the course, build interest in the managerial accounting topics covered, and develop a deeper understanding of managerial accounting by utilizing outside resources and real world examples. A survey of students’ attitudes indicates that approximately two-thirds of the students perceived the assignment had a positive impact on both their engagement in the course and their ability to better understand course topics. Student responses also suggest that the Pinterest assignment had some impact on their interest in managerial accounting. Mean survey responses were significantly more favorable for ESL students compared to non-ESL students.




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Journal of Accounting Education

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