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The subject of supportive gear in powerlifting has been controversial from the earliest days in the sport. While our article "Shifting Gear," also in this issue, provides an historical overview of the use of powerlifting gear, we came to believe as we were working on it that including the voices of active and retired powerlifters would broaden our understanding of this debate. Accordingly, we interviewed a number of individuals with different backgrounds in the sport in order to explore their attitudes and experiences with gear. Our hope is that their thoughts on this important topic will help readers develop a more nuanced understanding of the issue, and that even those well-versed in the sport may find a fresh perspective.1 This essay is not intended to provide an unequivocal answer, or "solution" to the "gear debate." Our hope, however, is that it enriches the previous piece by providing more perspectives, and demonstrates the complexity of the issue for active lifters.


Terry & Jan Todd


University of Texas at Austin


Austin, TX

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