The Santuary of Hermes and Aphrodite at Syme Viannou. Vol. 5, Potters' Marks from Syme and Other Sites of Bronze Age Crete [Review]

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The volume under review is the most recent contribution to the series published by the Archaeological Society at Athens presenting the results of research carried out in the extra-urban sanctuary site at Kato Syme in East Crete. It is written in English, with a Greek summary. The first four chapters present a catalogue and analysis of the 98 vase fragments with prefiring marks found at the Minoan sanctuary at Syme Viannou; the second half of the volume presents a reference catalogue and analysis of 1,016 marks incised or impressed before firing into pottery found at 27 Cretan Bronze Age sites (fig. 1). Worth special mention are the succinct yet comprehensive overviews of studies of potmarks in the eastern Mediterranean generally and of prefiring marks on Crete in particular (1–3), and a brief run-through of various possible functions of Aegean prefiring marks (155). [par 1]

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