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Submissions from 2019

The Carnivalesque and Stephen King's It, Katherine A. Troyer

This is a Sacred Place(lessness): The Horrific Untetherings of Martyrs (2008), Katherine A. Troyer

Submissions from 2016

Placing Horror: An Interdisciplinary Investigation, Katherine A. Troyer

Claiming the Throne: Agency and Multiplicity in Cinda Williams Chima's The Seven Realms Series, Katherine A. Troyer and M. McDonough

Submissions from 2014

Rebellious Natures: The Role of Nature in Young Adult Dystopian Female Protagonists' Awakenings and Agency, M. McDonough and Katherine A. Troyer

Submissions from 2013


Haven't We Been Here Before?: The Cabin in the Woods, The Horror Genre, and Placelessness, Katherine A. Troyer