Submissions from 2022


Sharenting and the Extended Self: Self-Representation in Parents’ Instagram Presentations of Their Children, S. Holiday, M. S. Norman, and Rebecca L. Densley


Light and Time in the Narrative Fiction Film, Patrick Keating


Censorship, Pandemic, and the Field of Power: The Death and Revival of a Chinese War Epic, Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2021


Influencer Marketing Between Mothers: The Impact of Disclosure and Visual Brand Promotion, S. Holiday, Rebecca L. Densley, and M. S. Norman

The Video Essay and Classical Hollywood Studies, Patrick Keating


Illusion vs. Disillusion: Chinese Viewers' Articulation of "House of Cards", Zhaoxi Liu


Neither Public, nor Private: Inventing PBS Television, 1965-67, Camille Reyes


Spinning at the Border: Employee Activism in 'Big PR', Camille Reyes

Submissions from 2020

Professional Education and Media Literacy: Oil and Water?, William G. Christ

Propaganda Critic, Russian Disinformation, and Media Literacy: A Case Study, Aaron A. Delwiche and Mary Margaret Herring

The Literacies of Participatory Cultures, Jennifer J. Henderson


Style and Storytelling in the Hollywood Aesthetic, Patrick Keating


The Video Essay as Cumulative and Recursive Scholarship, Patrick Keating

Social Media and Chinese Journalists' Pursuit of Press Freedom, Zhaoxi Liu


Blurring Boundaries: Exploring Tweets as a Legitimate Journalism Artifact, Zhaoxi Liu and D. Berkowitz


'Pinning' Tourist Photographs: Analyzing the Photographs Shared on Pinterest of Heritage Tourist Destinations, Melissa McMullen


Teaching Cultural Understanding to Undergraduate Graphic Design Students: A Case Study for Design Educators, Melissa McMullen


Reading the Myth of American Freedom: The U.S. Immigration Video, Camille Reyes


Exploring the Dynamics in the Environmental Discourse: The Longitudinal Interaction Among Public Opinion, Presidential Opinion, Media Coverage, Policymaking in 3 Decades and an Integrated Model of Media Effects, Qingjiang Yao, Zhaoxi Liu, and L. F. Stephens

Submissions from 2019


An Experimental Examination of Binge Watching and Narrative Engagement, Sarah E. Erickson, Sonya Dal Cin, and H. Byl


Rapper GAI, Style and Hegemony in China: Examining a Transformation from Jianghu Liu to Xinhua Liu, Zhaoxi Liu


Cross-Cultural Design: Identifying Cultural Markers of Printed Graphic Design from Germany and South Korea, Melissa McMullen

Submissions from 2018


Romantic Parasocial Attachments and the Development of Romantic Scripts, Schemas and Beliefs among Adolescents, Sarah E. Erickson and Sonya Dal Cin


Toward a Multi-Dimensional Model of Adolescent Romantic Parasocial Attachment, Sarah E. Erickson, K. Harrison, and Sonya Dal Cin


Seeing History: A Visual Assessment of the Historic-Grounding of Old Western Tourist Towns, Melissa McMullen


Spokesperson is a Four-Letter Word: Public Relations and Power in Occupy New York, Camille Reyes

Media and Religion in China: Publicizing Gods under an Atheistic Governance, Qingjiang Yao and Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2017

Still Searching for the Unicorn: Transmedia Storytelling and the Audience Question, Aaron A. Delwiche

Let's Talk About Texts, Baby: Proposing a New Model for Copyright in a Transtext World, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Artifice and Atmosphere: The Visual Culture of Hollywood Glamour Photography, 1930-1935, Patrick Keating


Motifs of Movement and Modernity, Patrick Keating

What Does It Mean to Say That Cinematography Is Like Painting With Light?, Patrick Keating

Thoughts on Doing Field Work in Chinese and American Newsrooms, Zhaoxi Liu

Emancipatory Broadband Adoption: Toward a Critical Theory of Digital Inequality in the Urban United States, Todd Wolfson, Jessica Crowell, Camille Reyes, and Amy Bach

What are Shaping the Ethical Bottom Line?: Identifying Factors Influencing Young Readers' Acceptance of Digital News Photo Alteration, Qingjiang Yao, D. D. Perlmutter, and Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2016


Cui Jian: Extolling Idealism Yet Advocating for Freedom Through Rock Music in China, Zhaoxi Liu


Toward Omnipresent Journalism: A Case Study of the Real Time Coverage of the San Antonio Spurs 2014 NBA Championship Game, Zhaoxi Liu


Intercultural Design Competence: A Guide for Graphic Designers Working Across Cultural Boundaries, Melissa McMullen

Submissions from 2015

Film Noir and the Culture of Electric Light, Patrick Keating

Submissions from 2014

Assessing the ACEJMC Professional Values and Competencies, William G. Christ and Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Scanner Tags, Comic Book Piracy and Participatory Culture, Aaron A. Delwiche

Benchmarking ACEJMC Competencies: What it Means for Assessment, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson and William G. Christ

Top-down Bottom-up or Both?: Successful Structures and Processes in Youth Radio Training Projects, Robert Huesca


The Old West of Old Town: Understanding Visual Simulacra as a Means of Staged Authenticity, Melissa McMullen

Submissions from 2013

The Players That are A-Changin': The Rise of Older MMO Gamers, Aaron A. Delwiche and Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

The Boundaries of Free Speech in Social Media, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Submissions from 2012


Media Use and Postmaterialist Values in China and the US: A Comparative Study, Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2011

Art, Accident, and the Interpretation of the Modern World, Patrick Keating

The Plot Point, The Darkest Moment, and the Answered Question: Three Ways of Modelling the Three-Quarter-Point, Patrick Keating

Message Desirability, Social Distance, and Real Influence: Testing the Third-Person Perception in a Gubernatorial Election, Qingjiang Yao and Zhaoxi Liu


China's Official Media Portrayal of Religion (1996-2005): Policy Change in a Desecularizing Society, Qingjiang Yao, D. A. Stout, and Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2010

The Volcano and the Barren Hill: Gabriel Figueroa and the Space of Art Cinema, Patrick Keating

Submissions from 2009

Media Literacy 2.0: Unique Characteristics of Video Games, Aaron A. Delwiche

Submissions from 2006

Production and Graphics, Aaron A. Delwiche, B. Gersch, and S. Williams-Rautiola

Law and Policy, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

From the Portrait to the Close-Up: Gender and Technology in Still Photography and Hollywood Cinematography, Patrick Keating

Submissions from 2005

Agenda-Setting, Opinion Leadership, and the World of Web Logs, Aaron A. Delwiche

Submissions from 2004

The Jehovah's Witnesses and Their Plan to Expand First Amendment Freedoms, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Submissions from 2003

The Fictional Worlds of Neorealism, Patrick Keating

Submissions from 1998

Media Literacy, Media Education, and the Academy, William G. Christ and W. J. Potter


The Social Landscape: A Photojournalism Professor's Project, Gerald John Davey

Submissions from 1997

The Missions and Purposes of Journalism and Mass Communication Education, William G. Christ and T. Hynes

Submissions from 1995

Overcoming Relationship-Initiation Barriers: The Impact of a Computer-Dating System on Sex Role, Shyness, and Appearance Inhibitions, B. W. Scharlott and William G. Christ

Submissions from 1994

Do Attitudes Toward Political Advertising Affect Information Processing of Televised Political Commercials?, William G. Christ, E. M. Thorson, and C. L. Caywood

Submissions from 1991

Effects of Issue-Image Strategies, Attack and Support Appeals, Music, and Visual Content in Political Commercials, E. M. Thorson, William G. Christ, and C. L. Caywood

Submissions from 1989

The Witness of the Holy Spirit, A. Primavesi and Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Submissions from 1988

Women Through Time: Who Gets Covered?, Sammye Johnson and William G. Christ

Submissions from 1985

The Construct of Arousal in Communication Research, William G. Christ

Submissions from 1984

An Exploratory Investigation Into the Relationship Between Television Program Preference and Emotion-Eliciting Qualities--A New Theoretical Perspective, William G. Christ and T. Biggers

Submissions from 1980

Readability of Brochures Produced by State of Florida, William G. Christ and P. Pharr