Submissions from 2017

Still Searching for the Unicorn: Transmedia Storytelling and the Audience Question, Aaron A. Delwiche

Let's Talk About Texts, Baby: Proposing a New Model for Copyright in a Transtext World, Jennifer Jacobs Henderson


Motifs of Movement and Modernity, Patrick Keating

What Does It Mean to Say That Cinematography Is Like Painting With Light?, Patrick Keating

Emancipatory Broadband Adoption: Toward a Critical Theory of Digital Inequality in the Urban United States, Todd Wolfson, Jessica Crowell, Camille Reyes, and Amy Bach

Submissions from 2016

Cui Jian: Extolling Idealism Yet Advocating for Freedom Through Rock Music in China, Zhaoxi Liu

Submissions from 2014

Top-down Bottom-up or Both?: Successful Structures and Processes in Youth Radio Training Projects, Robert Huesca

Submissions from 1998


The Social Landscape: A Photojournalism Professor's Project, Gerald John Davey