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To fulfill the challenge of increasing attendance at Alamo Street Eat Bar, a food truck park in Southtown, San Antonio, an advertising plan was created that uses both traditional advertising and other promotional tactics. Based on in-depth research and an original survey, Alamo Street Eat Bar’s current situation was analyzed and evaluated against competitors. Two target audiences were created: Emerging Adults (foodies between 21 and 30) and Rooted Professionals (foodies between 31 and 50). Based on the analysis and the target audiences, a campaign was formed that highlights Alamo Street Eat Bar as the perfect place to have a fun experience with delicious food. The tagline is “Where good friends meet good food” and is used throughout the campaign. Three subcampaigns were formed: (1) Where good friends meet good food subcampaign was created to raise general awareness of the food truck park for both target audiences, (2) Enjoyment subcampaign was created to increase attendance of Emerging Adults, (3) Connection subcampaign was created to increase attendance of Rooted Professionals. Each subcampaign uses a variety of tactics including print advertisements, Facebook posts, weekly or annual events, t-shirts, coasters, and changes to the website. The campaign is recommended to take place between May and August, and offers a seamless solution to the client’s challenge.