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Thesis open access

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Aaron Delwiche


This study uses a textual analysis, as well as a secondary visual analysis, to trace representations of political dissent in Captain America comics between the 1960s-2000s. This study seeks to determine trends in the overall portrayal of dissenters during this time. It also attempts to address the circumstances in which Captain America acts as a dissenter, as well as circumstances in which he intervenes in dissent. It includes a comparative focus on representations between groups of dissenters and Captain America as a dissenter, particularly in relation to the use of violence in methods of protest. This study is situated within an ongoing debate on the role of superheroes in enforcing hegemonic structures and institutions. It analyzes various types of dissent portrayals in the comics in an effort to determine whether Captain America, a mainstream superhero, offers methods of radical resistance, or if he only serves to police political expression.