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Aaron Delwiche

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Jennifer Henderson


On-screen representation of women in film and TV has been an ongoing conversation in Hollywood. As a result, the representation we see on-screen of women and people of color has been increasing and improving over the years. However, people who work behind-the-scenes in creative production roles such as directors, writers, and producers, tend to be left out of this conversation altogether. There is a considerable disparity in production roles, especially among women of color. Nonetheless, diversity off-screen, or a lack thereof, plays a huge role in the outcome of the content. In Rewriting the Narrative: Untold Stories from Beyond the Screen, the representation of women is explored as it pertains to those who work behind the camera. Twenty-two women who work full-time in TV and film production roles were virtually interviewed in order to share their perspectives on the barriers they faced throughout their careers in entertainment. This short documentary film seeks to push forward the narrative of the behind-the-scenes stories we do not get to hear as often, reveals the importance of perspective on storytelling, and highlights how hiring practices impact the content we consume as a society.