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Computer Science


Virtual worlds are used in many different areas, from military training simulations to massive multiplayer online role-playing games. In the past, the sizes of these worlds was limited by the power of the computers that ran them as well as the man-hours needed to draw them. However, as computers have become more powerful, the limiting fctor has become the man-hours needed to manually draw every object in such a world. So there is now a need for large scale, traversable, dynamic, algorithmically generated virtual worlds. For these worlds to be realistic, cities need to be generated, and for these cities to be relistic, they must have commercial office buildings (skyscrapers, office parks, etc.). Previous research in this area has been solely on generating the outsides of commercial buildings, with no focus on the inside features of the buildings. This research aims to generate both the insides and the outsides of commercial office buildings, with the dual goals of realism and usability.