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Thesis open access


Computer Science

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Britton Horn


Traditional learning methods for business students typically involve repeated practice and memorization of class content. Instructors provide students slides and textbooks to learn from and give exams and quizzes to test on how well they learned the material. However, traditional learning has it limitations in terms of how incentivized students are and how well they can manage their learning process, especially for the younger generations. We propose an online learning management system (LMS) for students to keep track of their records, manage learning materials and prepare to do online practices. We also incorporate gamification - that is, to use features typically found in games to our LMS to make the process more enjoyable. We treat all lessons, quizzes and exams like “quests” the character (student) has to conquer through a “game map”, each quest (quiz/exam) is randomized, target specifically on certain knowledge and can be done at any time repeatedly. Students can earn currencies and can use them to purchase items on the store. We are interested in whether such a system provides a more enjoyable environment for student to learn business related content and how incentivized they are, and whether it makes the learning process more efficient, effective. Those criteria are used to evaluate the system. Online statistics, such as how many times and how well a student does on the quizzes, are used to evaluate how well students learn compares to traditional methods. Additionally, student surveys are used to provide qualitative data on learning experience.