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Thesis open access


Computer Science

First Advisor

Matthew Hibbs

Second Advisor

Britton Horn

Third Advisor

Sheng Tan


In this thesis, we explore the use of Minecraft as a platform for steganography, which is the practice of hiding a secret message within another, outwardly plain message. Specifically, we investigate how different Minecraft systems, such as textures, in-game user interfaces, and buildings, can be used as a cover for hiding secret messages. To demonstrate these techniques, we created a custom adventure map that showcases various methods for distributing secret information within Minecraft. Our research highlights the potential of Minecraft as a powerful tool for steganography, offering a unique platform for securely exchanging secret messages in an environment where regular cryptographic methods may be prohibited. Through our investigation, we hope to highlight the growing amount of platforms that can be used to distribute information, and how they could be used to increase security and privacy. (1527 kB)
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