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The George Storch Memorial Building, shown in the older photograph several decades after its construction in 1951, was one of the first buildings constructed on Trinity’s new skyline campus. The building was one of the best examples of the lift-slab construction system that O’Neil Ford used in Trinity’s earliest buildings. Its two perpendicular volumes step up the hill, implicitly acknowledging the changing topography, and also close the campus to the street grid to the west, helping to preserve upper campus for pedestrians. Until 1979, Storch functioned as a library but today houses several academic departments and other offices. Despite alterations to the windows that have changed the building’s façade, and the construction of a large metal awning that obscures the view of downtown from Storch’s lower terrace, the building’s clean lines, clear volumes, and adept siting make it one of the most powerful works of architecture at Trinity.


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