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In this photograph Dinh juxtaposes an image from the 1980s of the lawn in front of the Coates University Center with a view of the space today. Moving right to left the viewer sees Northrup Hall (2004) and the Coates University Center. Today an acequia-like fountain runs south from Northrup toward Stadium Drive. The Miller Fountain in the old photograph was completed in 1966 and originally stood at the main entrance of Trinity University. The fountain was a gift in honor of the Miller family. In 2001 the fountain was relocated to the west end of Northrup Hall, where it forms the centerpiece of a stepped plaza. Concrete paths now crisscross the area where the fountain stood originally, with the longest serving as a main walkway from the Alamo Stadium parking lot to Northrup. In its new location the Miller Fountain serves as a gathering space.


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