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The buildings in this photograph are the Margarite B. Parker Chapel (1966), and the base of Murchison Tower (1964). The chapel’s siting atop the hill and its small plaza and bell tower recall the medieval Italian urban planning. The building is also reminiscent of Ford’s Little Chapel in the Woods (1938) at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. Like other Trinity buildings, the chapel is made of brick and concrete. The repetition of building materials throughout the campus helps create a sense of place. Inside, the parabolic arches that support the fifty-seven-foot ceiling create a lofty space and draw the eyes up to the timbered ceiling. Murchison Tower, the symbolic heart of Trinity, reflects some of the building techniques used in the construction of the chapel. Since its erection, the chapel has been used for religious services on campus. These services were originally Christian but have since extended to include other faiths. In recent times, the building has been adapted for classroom use in addition to its religious purposes. Dinh’s photograph emphasizes how little change the plaza has undergone despite the shifts in the chapel’s use.


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