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Ah, children and technology! At times, it can be overwhelming for families and educators to sort out the usefulness and danger of technological innovations in the hands of our youth. Often naïve of the outcomes of sending out personal information and photos, they worry us with their lack of understanding of consequences of “viral” messages and videos or about how much information they can safely share when others are willing to exploit their innocence. Yet when all else fails, we ask a 10-yearold for help in solving a computer problem and are usually astonished at the confidence and competence demonstrated in easily finding the solution.


For more information on this topic, please see:

Managing Social Networks and Cyberbullying: Technology Guidelines for Parents and Teachers

For more information for families and educators, please see:

Waldron, K.A (2001). Unleashing Kids' Potential: What Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers Need to Know. San Francisco: Robert D. Reed Publishers.

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