Uncovering Internalized Whiteness Through Critical Race Counterstories: Navigating Our Experiences in the State of Texas

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This chapter illustrates that critical theories can function as methods and that critical scholars should continue to take them up as legitimate forms of research. Critical Race counterstories function as a way to center the narratives of the multiply marginalized. Counterstories also function to connect communities together who share similar experiences with oppression as a means of providing support and validation – recognizing that their experiences are shared. Counterstories traditionally provide a format for which to convert the lived realities of People of Color into narratives that can be used to understand the intricacies of white supremacy and whiteness in different contexts. The removal and detachment from cultural and ethnic identity in schools for communities of color has a clear history, not only nationally, but specifically in Texas. As Critical Race scholars people argue that the seductiveness of whiteness remains highly intact, even when living in contexts that are predominantly of color.


Cheryl E. Matias


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The Handbook of Critical Theoretical Research Methods in Education

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