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In this three week unit students will gain a better understanding of themselves and how their life experiences and environment have shaped them. Students will also understand that by gaining self-knowledge they are better able to set goals for their future. In order to better understand themselves, students will first examine others lives and obstacles that these individuals have overcome to achieve some level of success. Through this examination students will be able to discover that the past doesn t have to decide their future. They will gain an insight into how certain individuals have triumphed despite difficulties and have used these obstacles as spring boards to success. Through reading these life stories, students will be able to identify the positive attributes that motivate humans to persevere through difficult times. A greater understanding of oneself can be a productive tool for making decisions both now and in the future. In the performance assessment of this unit, students will use what they have learned about themselves and others in order to create a Road Map to Me . This road map is a reflective piece as well as a means of predicting what they think their future will hold. Also, students will be asked to describe the steps necessary for their predicted future to become a reality.

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