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This unit is designed to help students think critically about the world. Students, especially with the increasing role of technology in our world, are exposed to persuasive messages in various capacities everyday. The class will read, analyze, and respond to several real world sources including persuasive speeches, position papers, advertisements, commercials, political campaigns, newspaper articles, and pictures. Through these sources and accompanying activities, students will discover the effects of advertising and the means to effectively persuade. After reading, exploring, and analyzing various sources, students will work creatively to design a shoe and an accompanying advertisement campaign. Then, they will critically respond to sources through a persuasive research paper in which they develop their own position on the effects of advertising. Students will come to understand that rhetoric acts as a universal and timeless tool to persuade and share arguments through various media. In addition, they will discover that rhetorical strategies and devices effectively, but sometimes deceptively, strengthen the impact of an argument on the intended audience.

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