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The students will be introduced to linear equations. The main understandings that I want my students to develop is that even though there are multiple ways to solve problems, each way and representation can convey the same information. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of linear equations by solving them using a situation, algebraically, graphically, and using a table. Students will be able to generate a different representation of data given another representation of the same data. Students will explore real world examples of linear equations and discuss when different representations of linear equations are better models to use even though all the representations convey the same information. Students will apply what they have learned over the course of the 7 days and apply their knowledge of linear equations in the performance task. Each student will create a picture using only straight lines and then write the directions on how to get from each set of points on a coordinate plane as well as writing the equation of each line. Students will be assessed on the accuracy of their equations, using only straight lines to create their picture, a direction sheet of “code”, and a self-assessment of how they felt they did using the 3-2-1 strategy.

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