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In this unit students will learn new vocabulary on clothing and shopping. The unit will provide them with the opportunity to uncover the understanding that culture influences the clothes people choose to wear. Students will engage in oral and written exchanges of learned material to socialize and to provide and obtain information. Students will answer the question, “Why does clothing matter” as they learn new vocabulary to help them talk about shopping, to describe what clothing is made of, the colors, and to discuss paying for purchases. Students will uncover the understanding that that our clothing choices can influence the way we are perceived by the world. Through Think-Pair-Share, group activities, and discussion students will answer the question, “How does a person’s culture influence their choices in style and fashion? The unit will conclude with a project in which students will apply what they have learned. Students will demonstrate through the project “Buscando una ganga” an understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the student’s own culture and Spanish culture. Students will purchase 2 new outfits reflecting the culture and personal fashion style of the student and the other reflecting an understanding of what is fashionable in Spain. The student’s goal for the 2nd outfit is blend in to Spanish fashion culture and not look like a tourist. They will answer the questions, “How does a person’s clothing affect the way they are perceived by the world?” and “What styles or clothing are popular in Spanish-speaking countries and what does that reveal about the culture and our own?

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