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The United Nations Development Program seeks to eliminate poverty by promoting economic growth among underdeveloped and developing nations. Professionals within the organization strive to improve education, health standards, and infrastructure of these nations in order to boost standards of living. Because the majority of Latin America consists of developing nations, equipping the next generation with the basic Spanish language skills and economic knowledge to address the issues of our world’s poorest nations is imperative. Through collaborative efforts, we can address the Millennium Development Goals of alleviating the disease and poverty that pervade these countries. In this interdisciplinary unit, students will combine their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, health statistics, and economic concepts to help institute a developmental project in a Latin American country. Successful implementation of the project will help to raise the standard of living of the entire country. Students will begin with a series of learning adventures that will aide in the drafting of a developmental project to present to the United Nations. Specifically, they will create a low-cost restaurant that will provide both jobs and healthy dishes to the citizens of the impoverished community. The unit will begin with an analysis of diets of countries around the world using basic Spanish vocabulary. Through discoveries during a Web Quest, students will internalize the pressing issues of specific Latin American countries in regards to health, and they will learn how these countries’ diets are far from the ideal country’s food pyramid. Ultimately, students will employ their knowledge of healthy cultures to create their abstract in Spanish for their Proyecto Desarrollo: Café Saludable. The abstract will include three parts, all written in Spanish: 1) a menu with healthful dishes native to the area 2) a recipe with their restaurant specialty for the future chef, and 3) a classified listing of the jobs needed in the restaurant for the local newspaper. They will present their proposal to class as if they were presenting to the United Nations Development Program. Their goal will to be to receive a subsidy that would finance their project, ultimately helping in the development of the Latin American country.

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