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This unit was designed to meet several needs in the art classroom: a.) to expose students to digital art and design; b.) to reveal instances where technology has altered the path of artists, c.) to integrate technology standards in the art curriculum. The central understandings for this unit are: a.) Art evolves as technology develops; and b.) Technology has provided a venue for the widespread production and mass viewing of art. Essential questions are: a.) In what ways has technology changed art? b.) Has art advanced/improved or declined/deteriorated with the advent of new technology? c.) Is the value of an artwork diminished when it is digitally manipulated? The performance assessment for this unit asks students to create a Portraiture Portfolio, collectively demonstrating how technology has evolved art. The first portrait is drawn on paper with pencil/charcoal; the second portrait is taken on black and white film with a manual camera; the third portrait is taken on a digital camera and then digitally manipulated through software on a computer. The final component of the project is to scan/upload the images to an internet class blog/gallery and comment/critique on the work of classmates. At the conclusion of the unit, students will be prepared to continue with the larger theme of Art & Technology or Digital Media.

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