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This unit is designed as a mid-year unit for 1st grade language arts. Students will have had some exposure to story elements and will have written a few stories independently. The unit is designed around fairy tales. In this unit, students will explore the features that define fairy tales. They will learn how to recognize fairy tales. Students will understand that fairy tales are fantasy. The students will listen, compare, and analyze the characters of fairy tales. Throughout the unit students will develop their idea of happiness. Their understanding will deepen through exposure and discussions. Students will also connect to the characters and think about their own happiness. Students will broaden their understanding of happiness by comparing fairy tales to real life. Students will be asked at the end of the unit to rewrite a traditional fairy tale. Students will choose one of three fairytales and change events and characters. Students will use the features of fairy tales in the writing along with their understanding of happiness to demonstrate their learning. Their goal is with their new understanding of fairytales and happiness, they will be able to create a more realistic fairy tale, true to themselves.

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