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In this unit, students will be doing a chapter book study using the novel, Sarah Plain and Tall. At the end of the unit, the students will deeply understand that there are always things to miss no matter where you are, a sense of belonging happens when someone accepts where they are, and that we carry symbols and artifacts that represent the people and places that matter the most to us. Students will be engaged using the 6 Reading Comprehension Strategies: Phonics/Decoding, Predict/Infer, Monitor/Clarify, Question, Summarize, Evaluate. Other skills such as analytical thinking, predicting outcomes and connecting text to self through writing will also be focused on in this unit. Students will understand the close relationship between location and lifestyle, the profound connection between symbols and memories, and how comparisons are a natural way to connect different moments in time. As for a culminating activity at the end of this unit, the students are presented with the challenge that they are forced to move to a new home, and can only take 3 things with them. In a presentation each student will defend why their 3 artifacts symbolize their home.

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