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In this 8th grade unit, students will bridge their understanding of measurement from 7th grade Math to a new level which is required for the further development of Mathematical Skills. Students will gain a better understanding on the needed skills when solving for both direct and indirect measurement. Through the performance assessment students will design in small groups a 4,000 square foot home. Not only will students complete a scale drawing of their design they will also be building their design as well. This allows students to appreciate the amount of details that are required in the buildings that we look at and go into on a daily basis. Overall, students will understand that there are multiple ways to represent measurement and that measurement is standardized. With measurement being standardized, students will come to appreciate that multiple professions use measurement. This is why we are able to appreciate many of the luxuries we engage ourselves in on a daily basis. This unit on measurement allows students to demonstrate their ability to set up proportional relationships, convert from one set of units to another and to both find and make comparisons of directly and indirectly measured objects.

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