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This interdisciplinary unit focuses on the institution of slavery and the many forms in which it manifests. Students will be challenged to look at slavery in all of its forms and determine its impact on the lives of those who experienced it. In Texas History the students will look at the political, social and economic factors that caused slavery to be a dominate force in the growth of Texas. In ELA, students will look at slavery from the point of view of a former slave as they read the historical-fiction novel, “Spartacus”, by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. For their Performance Task, students will research the forms that slavery takes in the modern world. To extend the exercise, students will attempt to find ways that they can bring about change in the conditions of those who are suffering from these contemporary forms of slavery. Students will understand that while all people are created equal; not all people are treated equally. Additionally, students will walk away from this unit understanding that history is a story, and who tells the story affects how it is perceived.

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