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The students will be introduced to linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities. The main understandings that I want to develop in my students are that there are many methods to solving math problems and that solving the problem is not always enough (mathematically correct solutions are not always the best solutions). They will need to analyze the solutions they develop to determine whether or not their answer is reasonable. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of linear equalities by solving them algebraically, graphically, and using a table. Students will compare and contrast linear equations to linear inequalities. They will explore real-world examples of linear inequalities and discuss when linear inequalities are necessary to solve certain problems. Students will apply what they have learned to a project. Each student will open a store of their choosing. They must decide how many of two products they would like to have at their store based upon the amount of space each takes up and the profit earned by each product. They will also compare this simplified problem to what the problem would be like in the real world.

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