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Identity is a question that we are all faced with. Students struggle with this question as it is one that is multi-faceted and is ever changing. Adolescence is a time in which the opinions of our self as well as that of others can change on a daily basis.

In the Spanish curriculum the idea of identity or knowing who you are is begun in beginning level and continues to develop in the upper level coursework. The purpose of this unit is to transform the novice understanding of identity into an understanding of grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and a deeper understanding of one self.

In this unit students will learn that their own opinions and understandings of themselves are not self-made, but are also influenced by the opinions that others have created of them. Through continuous questioning of their own opinions and that of those around them they will see that “who are you?” is not so easily answered. Students will learn to identify the key components of sentences in their continued work to develop descriptions of themselves and others. These descriptions will include understanding of physical, personality, and interests.

The unit culminates in student creation of a booklet that describes not only themselves, but others around them. The final product will also incorporate the understanding of grammatical concepts and appropriate vocabulary. Through the writing process, students will communicate that they are able provide a multi-faceted description of themselves as well as of others in the target language.

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