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This unit is designed to begin the school year with a study of culture as well as anxieties that permeate cultures and perpetuate fear and conflict. Ultimately, students should reach the greater understanding that fears produced by a group mentality are oftentimes a result of the people in power enabling that mentality. These fears further separate those in power and the people they control, and frequently result in that culture committing acts they might otherwise find morally deplorable but nonetheless condone out of group think.

Within the context of these greater understandings, students will work on summary-response writing skills, understanding drama through study of vocabulary as well as dramatic performances, and also understanding and analyzing a variety of texts including Miller’s play and M. Night Shymalan’s The Village.

Many of the strategies and ideas this unit employs were inspired or created by my colleagues, Kendra Ackerman and Kristin Leclaire.

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