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In this unit, students will gain a greater understanding of conflict and its implications on life. The reading of short stories, biographies, and newspaper articles will guide the students in exploring the understandings that conflict brings about change, conflict is a catalyst of fiction, and that conflicts in literature can be applicable to our own lives. Performance task #1 invites students to delve into a newspaper article identifying the essential component of every story, (Does every story have a conflict?) conflict. The purpose is to locate the conflict and arrive at the conclusion that conflict is the determining factor of the opinions cast on its effect. Students will then learn that conflict does not always have to be bad and that it can be a venue in which we can learn. This will specifically be highlighted in the performance task #2, where students create a peer mediation role play. The purpose of this assessment is to think of a real world conflict, one that is personal to their lives, and to develop a plan of action that solves the conflict in a beneficial way. Thus, allowing them to see that conflicts, which at first appear to be negative, can be turned around for the betterment of those involved.

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