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This unit focuses on the road to the Texas Revolution and the Texas Revolution. The unit begins with Students learning the causes of the Texas Revolution as well as the events that led up to the war. The unit will also focus on the people who were involved in the Texas Revolution. The road to revolution will end with students completing a letter writing activity in which they take on the role of a person living in Texas or Mexico before the revolution and write letters about the problems they are facing. Students will also respond to these letters and assess if their letter was persuasive enough to bring a change. The second portion of this teaches the battles and events of the Texas Revolution. In this part of the unit students will get a general overview of all the battles in the Revolution as well as some in-depth lessons on important battles and events. Students will also create character collages on the Heroes of the Texas Revolution. The unit ends with a culminating performance task in which students start their own revolution by creating a brochure and poster to convince people to change something they deal with day to day.

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