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Students will be given the task as forensic specialist to analyze a portfolio of evidence and report on their findings. As a class will then compare their findings to a list of suspects provided by the police. As an extension, students will discuss to what degree forensic evidence is irrefutable (the CSI Effect). While completing this unit, student will learn the properties of reflection and refraction of light. Specially, students will be able to use Snell’s Law, The Law of Reflection, and diagrams to predict image location, height, magnification, orientation, and type. This unit is designed to follow after the waves and light units.

The task students are asked to complete has been purposefully designed to be short. Unlike the first semester of the course that (that contains large units), the second semester contains many small topics. This unit is an attempt to connect a few small activities I have done with students and link them together in a meaningful. It also builds upon the driving questions of the course: 1. What are the methods used by scientist to understand our universe? 2. How do science and society interact? and 3. How do you use physics in your life? 4. To what degree are scientific findings irrefutable?

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