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The students will recognize that where we live influences how we live. The students will know what important physical features of Latin America are and how Latin Americans have adapted to these various environments, how physical and human characteristics affect life in Latin America s rural regions, how the people of the Caribbean and Central America are affected by landforms and climate, what economic and environmental challenges the rainforests of Latin America face, how natural resources are utilized, how vertical climate zones affect agriculture, and in which ways Andean cultures have adapted to their physical environment. The students will recognize how the actions of individuals and/or societies can influence others. The students will examine the historical development of Latin America, including the exchange of culture between Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans, the urbanization of Latin America, and the effects of NAFTA on Mexico. The performance assessment is designed to give students a chance to examine how a specific individual was influenced by where he or she lived, and how he or she has influenced Latin America and the United States. Through it, students should examine the physical and social environment of a specific Latin American country and consider how people are influenced by their environment and by others.

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