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This unit was written as an in-depth look at the Civil War and Reconstruction. It is an attempt to provide enduring understandings of the changes that took place in the United States, specifically in the southern states, due to the impact of the Civil War and the provisions of Reconstruction. During the unit, students will have several opportunities to look at how changes have occurred in the past that influence them today. Students will do a self-examination of the changes that have taken place in their own lives and apply those understandings to the lessons of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Students will use their understanding of how the war impacted lives throughout the United States and the Confederacy to complete their performance task. The performance task will ask students to create a Civil War era care package for a soldier in the Union Army. Their understanding of how even little actions can bring about change will be put to the test as they are asked to fill their care package with a few items that may turn the tide of the war in favor of the Union.

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