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This unit was designed to cover the new STAAR TEKS for U.S History including the “Celebrate Freedom Week” TEKS and the Introductory TEKS for U.S History. By covering these TEKS at the start of the year students can get a refresh from 8th grade History, if they still remember 8th grade U.S History. By front loading these TEKS early on instead of reviewing these TEKS before STAAR testing, students will have more time to review Colonial America, the American Revolution, our founding documents. This unit will provide a foundation for the rest of the year allowing U.S History to be taught in a chronological order instead of skipping our founding documents, the American Revolution, and quickly reviewing those later in the year. By understanding the formation of our nation and its founding documents students will be able to understand the role the individuals play in our constitutional republic and how historical events developed as a result of or in correlation with the apparatus of our society these founding documents have created.

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