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This unit integrates research and persuasive letter writing skills. Students also apply knowledge of the 7 Habits learned using the Leader in Me curriculum. This unit can also be adapted to use if students are not familiar with the 7 Habits curriculum. The leadership concepts are universal. Through teacher modeling of research about Clara Barton, students learn the research process. Next, students examine real-life examples of persuasive letters and discuss strategies authors use to persuade someone to believe one way or the other. From the information gathered, the class writes a letter trying to persuade a committee to choose Clara Barton as leader of the year. For the performance assessment students research a historical figure, create a museum display that shows why that character is a leader then write a persuasive letter to the 7 Habits committee explaining why that character should be chosen as leader of the year. By the end of this unit students will understand the research process and how to write an effective persuasive letter. Students will also apply what they have learned about leadership in the 7 Habits curriculum.

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