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This unit is designed to set up an ongoing online portfolio and critique community within the high school art classes, including Introduction to Art and AP Studio Art. Students begin by starting online blogs/portfolios and critiquing the work of famous artists, then continuing by posting images of their own work, reflecting on it through self-critique, and visiting the portfolios of their classmates and providing directed feedback on the work in their portfolios. In class, they learn how to conduct verbal critiques of artwork, beginning with the work of others and transitioning to critique each other’s work. This unit includes several different ideas for ways to run critiques that focus on detailed and constructive feedback and encourage participation by all students in the class. The lessons to set up these processes last about two weeks, but these activities are designed to continue throughout the entire school year, occurring every week or two. Goals: • Develop and maintain a robust online portfolio of work filled with personal and community critique and reflection. Students will be able to engage in in-depth critiques of each other’s work both verbally and in written form. • Reflect on product and process in their own work and others’ • Critique the work of peers in a thoughtful and constructive fashion • Present own portfolio in a professional manner

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