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This is our first unit in 3rd grade math. It focuses specifically on Base Ten/Numeration, with a main emphasis on place value and money. Aligned with state standards, the students will be able to read, write in the three different forms (standard, expanded and written) and compare numbers up to the hundred-thousand place; additionally, students will be able to count collections of bills & coins and to solve real-world situations in which money is exchanged. The performance assessment is entitled: Ritzy Roadrunner Resort. Students will be invited to participate in an imaginative ritzy summer vacation, much like present day Atlantis Paradise Island. This culminating activity is differentiated, leveled based on students various points of entry and skill acquisition throughout the unit. As ―families on a summer trip‖ the students, in groups, will be assigned different package deals with varying ―terms and conditions.‖ Mathematical expectations include skills from needing to accurately rank activites & resturaunt items from most expensive to least expensive, using simple addition to determine money costs within a defined limit, up to giving higher students a budget and requiring them to provide you, the ―hotel manager,‖ a balance sheet of purchases. This performance assessment will be graded on a rubic provided. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Roadrunner Resort: Where every place is valued! *Unit activities provided from R.I.S.D. –double check for acceptable use policy*

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