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This unit looks at the impact that the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation had on the world. It traces important people and ideas, and highlights the impact that each of these time periods had on the immediate and future world. For the Performance Task, the students create a newspaper, called "The Changing Times" that requires them to analyze the impact that inventions and ideas from these time periods had on the world, as well as look at futuristic inventions (to our time) and the possible impact they will have on our world.

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Cornell Notes - Renaissance.docx (32 kB)
Cornell Notes - Renaissance

Cornell Notes - Renaissance (student).docx (31 kB)
Cornell Notes - Renaissance (student)

Cornell Notes - Scientific Revolution.docx (29 kB)
Cornell Notes - Scientific Revolution

Cornell Notes - Scientific Revolution (student).docx (29 kB)
Cornell Notes - Scientific Revolution (student)

Cornell Notes - The Reformation.docx (30 kB)
Cornell Notes - Reformation

Cornell Notes - The Reformation (student).docx (29 kB)
Cornell Notes - Reformation (student)

Newspaper Article Project Outline.docx (247 kB)
Newspaper Article Project Outline

Newspaper Article Project Rubric.docx (212 kB)
Newspaper Article Project Rubric

Newspaper Article Template.doc (43 kB)
Newspaper Article Project Template

Newspaper Article Project Check-In.docx (178 kB)
Newspaper Article Project Check-In

Middle Ages Reading.pdf (3760 kB)
Middle Ages Reading

Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation Reading.pdf (13234 kB)
Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation Reading

Changing Art PP.pptx (9394 kB)
Day 1: Changing Art PP

Changing Art Questions.docx (80 kB)
Day 1: Changing Art Questions

Changing Times Pre-Test.docx (69 kB)
Day 1: Changing Times Pre-Test

Leonardo Video Questions.docx (69 kB)
Day 2: Leonardo da Vinci Questions

Medieval to Renaissance Questions.docx (99 kB)
Day 2: Medieval to Renaissance Questions

Transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance PP.pptx (13624 kB)
Day 2: Transition PP

European Map.docx (582 kB)
Day 3: European Map

28 - Information Master.pdf (1102 kB)
Day 4: Florence1

28 - Station Directions.pdf (482 kB)
Day 4: Florence2

28 - Station Materials.pdf (65 kB)
Day 4: Florence3

Complete_Placard_28.pdf (18418 kB)
Day 4: Florence4

lesson_florence_the_cradle_of_the_renaissance_procedures_1318621619.pdf (31 kB)
Day 4: Florence5

lesson_florence_the_cradle_of_the_renaissance_procedures_1318621619.pdf (31 kB)
Day 4: Florence6

Renaissance Quiz.docx (52 kB)
Day 6: Renaissance Quiz

Charting Scientific Breakthroughs.pdf (13329 kB)
Day 7: Scientific Breakthroughs

Experiencing the Power of the Press.pdf (9862 kB)
Day 9: Power of Printing Press

Guttenburg Video Questions.docx (68 kB)
Day 9: Gutenburg Video Questions

Scientific Revolution Quiz.docx (44 kB)
Day 9: Scientific Revolution Quiz

Out of Italy.pdf (735 kB)
Day 10: Out of Italy

Martin Luther Video Questions.docx (69 kB)
Day 11: Martin Luther Questions

Purchasing Homework Indulgences.pdf (10329 kB)
Day 11: Purchasing Homework Indulgences

Reformation Images.docx (336 kB)
Reformation PP.pptx (307 kB)
Reformation Quiz.docx (50 kB)

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