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This unit is intended for high school students who already possess some knowledge of working with ceramics. It is approximately 6 weeks in length and is written for a block schedule (~95 minute class period) and will need to be altered for shorter class times.

Brief overview:
This ceramics unit will briefly cover the basic terms, tools, materials, supplies, etc. associated with working specifically hand built ceramics. It will delve deeply into specific cultures from different regions of the world and their work with ceramic art. Students’ end goal will be to create a “self-portrait” ceramic piece that reflects who they are as a unique individual while also being a part of the culture, environment and society that surrounds it and the effects these stimuli have had on the artist.

In addition to the culminating project, students will also: take a pre-assessment, complete daily warm-ups that are associated with the lesson, go over the basics of ceramics as a quick refresher, inductively begin to learn different cultures from around the world and their work with and influence on ceramics as its own art form, take a short quiz to informally assess progress, create a wall tile as a refresher for working with clay and glaze, conduct an in-progress critique with the peers, write an opinion essay and create test tiles during down time (while clay is drying/firing). At the end of the unit, students will complete a final critique in small groups and as a whole class, take a post assessment and complete their rubric.

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