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Summer 6-13-2014


Students will independently use their learning to… --apply chemistry knowledge in a real-world situation. --use problem-solving skills to investigate a mock crime --integrate multiple skills, techniques, chemistry tools, chemistry (or physics or biology) concepts to solve a real-world problem.

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Chief Forensic Officer Progress Report and Check List                                                                 Period.docx (104 kB)
Chief Forensic Officer Progress Report

Detective Report.docx (75 kB)
Detective Report

Doctor’s Preliminary Report and Analysis.docx (80 kB)
Doctor's Preliminary Report and Analysis

Witness Testimonies.docx (156 kB)
Witness Testimonies

Teacher Solution Page.docx (134 kB)
Teacher Solution Page

Flame Test.docx (242 kB)
Flame Test

Test of Crystals in Victim’s Urine Sample.docx (86 kB)
Test of Crystals in Victim's Urine Sample

Saliva Swab.docx (1265 kB)
Saliva Swab

Developing Fingerprints with Superglue Fumes.docx (88 kB)
Developing Fingerprints with Superglue Fumes

Mass Spectrum of Coffee Compound.docx (152 kB)
Mass Spectrum of Coffee Compound

Ink Analysis-brief.docx (244 kB)
Ink Analysis

Fingerprint Basics.pdf (1079 kB)
Fingerprint Basics

Crime Scene.pdf (1910 kB)
Crime Scene

Forensic Unit - Video Lab Report Rubric.docx (21 kB)
Videolicious Lab Report

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