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Spring 6-11-2015


The creation of the new AP Physics 1 course has introduced quite a few changes into the curriculum which have proven challenging for students. In particular, AP Physics 1 requires that students possess a deep, working knowledge of algebraic processes along with a sharp understanding of physics concepts which can be utilized in tandem to solve a wide array of problems given from many different perspectives. Within the angular dynamics unit, students must incorporate what has proven to be an incredibly difficult series of physics concepts into this repertoire. This unit was written to help with the process students must go through in order to incorporate these concepts into their physics vocabulary by providing a meaningful goal along with opportunities after each set of material to connect their learning to past and present technologies.

The unit’s main goal is to prepare students to work collaboratively on a project team to design, build, test, and assess a catapult or trebuchet. Students are provided the opportunity to solidify their understanding of particular components of angular dynamics through various forms of assessment including quizzes and labs.

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