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This unit takes place at the end of the first quarter and carries us into the beginning of the second quarter. Students have not and will not read the entire text of Julius Caesar. Instead, to better fit the demands of Common Core, we will focus on select speeches and persuasive portions of the text. We’ll also examine opinion pieces from the New York Times Room for Debate collection. Each week bell work consists of adapted exercises based on Sentence Composing for High School by Don Killgallon. The unit ends with students composing a structured 11-sentence paragraph response to a Room for Debate topic of their choice.

Essential Questions: Why is it important to be able to analyze an argument? Why is it important to be able to build a strong argument? What makes an argument strong? How do my research skills strengthen my arguments? How do the arguments delivered by Shakespeare’s characters relate to modern day arguments?

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JC-I.ii-Cassius Speech to Brutus.pdf (171 kB)
JC-I.ii-Cassius Speech

JC-II.i-Brutus Soliloquy.pdf (159 kB)
JC-II.i-Brutus Soliloquy

JC-III.ii-Brutus Funeral Speech.pdf (162 kB)
JC-III.ii-Brutus Funeral Speech

JC-III.ii-Antony Funeral Speech.pdf (165 kB)
JC-III.ii-Antony Funeral Speech

PASTA.pdf (205 kB)
PASTA Analysis NYT

Performance Task Assignment.pdf (154 kB)
Performance Task

Argument Rubric.pdf (248 kB)
Argument Rubric