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Summer 6-2016


The context of Art 1 is an introductory course covering the elements of art and principles of design, for students of all backgrounds and ages in high school. This unit is one of seven that will educate students about the elements of art in a hands on and collaborative way.

The goal of this unit is to give students a multi-faceted and enduring understanding of the element of art shape. The unit uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach shape. The lessons include tactile and kinesthetic learning activities such as using string to draw, and trying to create games like Human Tetris to fully grasp the definition of shape. There are also assignments that have students work collaboratively to redefine the visual landscape of the school using art installations, and invite school leaders into the art room to be part of the discussion and learning. The final project for the unit offers students an opportunity to synthesize their cumulative understanding of the element of art shape and all the possibilities that shape implies.

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