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Summer 6-16-2016


The purpose of this unit is for students to understand that daily weather conditions at a particular time and place can be observed, measured, and inform our decisions. This unit focuses of developing the skills to observe, measure, record, and compare weather conditions in different locations at the same time using meteorologists’ instruments and technology. The unit also focuses on recording and comparing weather data in graphs, tables, charts, and maps using a spreadsheet or presentation software.


This unit will require full class access to computers, internet connection, and spreadsheet or presentation software (i.e., Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint).


This unit will have a two-day lab that will require construction materials and tools to build homemade meteorologists’ instruments (i.e., cups, straws, soda bottles, clay, tape, pins, ribbon, construction paper, card stock, food coloring, rubbing alcohol, compass, ruler, clock, stop watch, scissors, thermometer, etc.). The two-day lab will also require testing stations that will require a box fan, oscillating fan, watering can with bucket, ice water, and warm water.

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